I believe in a radical vision of healing where individual and collective well being are tied, where the wisdoms of our diverse bodies are honored, and community care is prioritized. I believe that health must be understood in relation to larger systems of oppression and that healing is an integral part of our movements towards justice. I believe that plants have the skill to guide us towards greater balance and that living into right relationship to the land, the water and the sky will bring us home to ourselves and to each other.

As a practitioner, I believe that my role is to recognize our capacity for change, and to help facilitate healing by connecting folks to the powerful support of plants, practice and intuition. 

After many years of self-study in Western Herbalism, I graduated in 2015 from the Clinical Energetic Herbalism program at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine and I am very grateful to have been trained as a practitioner by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. I have also been trained as a Flower Essence Practitioner through the Flower Essence Society and have studied hands-on energy work with Vanissar Tarakali. I currently co-run Steadfast Herbs, a Community Supported Herbalism project that offers holistic remedies crafted from plants that we cultivate at Root Down Farm. I live on land in Pescadero and offer workshops and see clients in the greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz regions.