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ENERGY WORK is both a craft and a magic. In this hands-on modality we will work with the energetic ecology of your body and spirit to help nourish that which may be depleted or remove that which is no longer needed. Hands-on energy work can be helpful for letting go, for moving towards and for physical, mental and emotional healing. There is a lot that lives outside of language and energy work can help to touch that which has impact but might remain unknowable or unnamable. Energy work is an opportunity to ground, connect and release, and people often experience these sessions as deeply relaxing and restorative. Clients might seek energy work for moments of acute pain or loss; for times of transition or change; or as a regular part of their self care practice.

"My experience with Finn’s energy work was a special one.  I felt safe and comfortable which allowed me to let go  and receive the healing. Their technique is gentle and profound- in the time we had together I felt we were able to work through and get energy to blocks I’ve had for years. " -Tai J.

What to expect: In an energy work session we will first discuss your intentions before you lie down to relax, fully clothed, on a  comfortable massage table. Your head, hands and feet will be held and other supportive touch will be navigated by conversation and consent. 

Rates and appointments:  A one hour energy work session is $60-$100 sliding scale. Appointments are currently available in downtown Santa Cruz.  I am committed to making my services accessible so if these rates are prohibitive, please contact me for an individualized rate.

To schedule an appointment, please email me at wildoatsandnettles@gmail.com