How to be alive in a dying world

(Notes to self)

#1 Notice. Notice your aliveness in breath, pulse, warmth. Sensation as here, as home.

#2 Greet. Greet the aliveness of rain, weed, fir, raven, rat. Hold their aliveness as stunning, instructive. Widen your gaze.

#3 Give thanks. Morning and night. Till this is the rhythm of your hours.

#4 Pray. Into the unknown and the unfolding. There is so much you will never understand. Whisper, mumble, sing. into this vast complexity.

#5 Cry. As often as possible. Grieve the small betrayals. Grieve the large extinctions. Learn to wail.

#6 Nourish. Nourish with foods, with touch, with words. Learn to receive. Remember that care is different than consumption.

#7. Tend. Tend to your life, your loves, your plants. Wash and water and sweep and cook and know that maintenance is a prayer for survival. 

#8 Shed. Shed the shame that scores, that tracks, that defends. Shed the “good” and “bad” that feeds the shame. Shed the narratives that keep you small. Be curious.

#9  Repair. Listen, pause, acknowledge, apologize. Do the mending that is asked for.

#10.   Respond. Do the work of love. Be guided by mentors, by elders, by intuition that points a way. Choose grounded action over complicit comfort any day.