I believe that herbal knowledge should be accessible and I offer small, hands-on workshops with an emphasis on connecting students to both plants and process. I strive to create an environment that is welcoming and engaging where participants can share knowledge, ask questions and have the opportunity for creativity.

I have taught workshops independently as well as in collaboration with a number of organizations including  Garden for the EnvironmentEviction Defense CollaborativeProject Homeless Connect, Queer Care and Fabulosa Fest. I am particularly interested in strengthening wellness offerings at local nonprofits, community oriented businesses and schools. The workshops that I have offered are listed below. but I am also excited to create new curriculum.

  • Herbs for Grief, Heartbreak and Resiliency
  • Herbs for Stress and Nervous System Support
  • Herbs for Anxiety and Depression
  • Herbs for First Aid
  • Herbs for Sleeping and Dreaming
  • Herbs for Building a Better Immunity
  • Intro to Herbal Medicine Making: Teas and Tinctures
  • Intro to Herbal Medicine Making: Salves and Oils
  • Intro to Herbal Medicine Making: Kitchen Medicines
  • Intro to Herbal Medicine Making: Flower Essences

“Finn’s workshop was totally excellent. Their presentation style is clear, concise and well organized, and the hands-on portions of the workshop really brought the material to life.” -Encian

“Everything about the classes felt welcoming, open, well-paced, interesting and informative.” -Alex

To schedule a workshop please email me at: wildoatsandnettles@gmail.com