Everyday Magic is a series of writings about the intersections of magic, politics and healing:

Everyday Magic #3: Love

"we live because the plants give of themselves. even beyond sustenance, even beyond medicine. i share these stories here because there's is the magic, and the love, that i can best meet." writings about nine different plants across nine years. 2015.

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Everyday Magic #2: Between

“It could be infinitely worse. And it could be infinitely better. Between these possibilities we live and between these possibilities we practice.” The apocalypse. Practicing magic on stolen ground. Ritual as emergence. Resiliency and active hope. The relationship between queers and magic. 2014.

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Everyday Magic #1: Here

From the introduction: “i want to believe in a woo that is centered in justice. i want to practice a spirituality where personal transformation is tied to collective healing. i want to talk to stones and listen to trees and march downtown and dance on the port and call it all magic. ” 2012.  

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Offerings is a lyrical zine about four stories of healing as they relate to the elements of earth, air, fire and water. 2013.

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The Mental Health Cookbook

This 50 page illustrated zine explores how to create a healing connection to the natural world through an engagement with plants, nutrients and microorganisms. It’s not a traditional cookbook but a how-to guide covering: nutritional basics, sprouting, fermenting, gardening, foraging, medicinal herbs, flower essences and more! 2010.  $8