In doing the work OF reconnection, I FIND wonder in the magic of A living world. I know that states of anxiety and despair are not individual pathology, but responses to our need for collective healing.

I first turned to herbalism twelve years ago, in search of healing from the impacts of trauma. I found that herbs helped me to shift patterns of hypervigilance, and to ease and regulate my nervous system. I also learned that getting my hands in the soil, and building relationships with the plants, helped me to feel more grounded, embodied and alive. As my work with plants and the elements deepened, they led me to the work of magic, ritual, and ancestral connection. Energy is a current that I have sensed since I was a child, and I feel honored to be deepening my skills in working with the unseen.  

After many years of self-study in Western Herbalism, I graduated in 2015 from the Clinical Energetic Herbalism program at the Blue Otter School of Herbal Medicine and I am very grateful to have been trained as a practitioner by Karyn Sanders and Sarah Holmes. I have also been trained as a Flower Essence Practitioner through the Flower Essence Society and have studied hands-on energy work with Vanissar Tarakali.

I co-run Steadfast Herbs, a small herb farm in Pescadero, CA that offers holistic remedies, herbal seedlings and fresh herbs for other medicine makers. I live on occupied Ohlone land and write, wander, and offer workshops in the greater Bay Area and Santa Cruz regions. I identify as queer and genderqueer and use they/them pronouns.